Disco Cats!

The National Conference Dinner is the grand finale of our conference event. This wonderful evening presents the perfect opportunity for delegates to unwind, reflect on the insights gained during the conference, and continue to network with industry colleagues in a relaxed and festive ambiance.

The evening promises to be an exciting one, commencing with Pre-Dinner Drinks, an ideal platform for further discussions and connections. As we transition from this into the lively atmosphere of the disco dinner, we will recognize excellence and dedication in our industry. A particular highlight is the presentation of the Clive Martella Service to Industry Award, a prestigious accolade honouring exceptional service and contribution to our sector. This year, we are thrilled to be introducing new awards, further celebrating the achievements and innovations that make our industry great.

Dress Code: Disco Cats – So, time get out your disco shoes!

Studio 54 After Party!

Get ready to boogie down at our Studio 54 After Party, the perfect capstone to our National Conference. Following the Conference Dinner, the Captain’s Lounge at the Cat’s Stadium will be transformed into a pulsing homage to the iconic Studio 54, replete with a DJ spinning the best of the disco era and engaging games.

So, dust off your bell-bottoms, polish your disco shoes, and prepare to dance into the wee hours. This is an evening of revelry you won’t want to miss, a chance to let loose and celebrate with your industry colleagues in a vibrant, energy-infused setting.


Clive Martella Service to Industry Award

Clive Martella was an esteemed FTMA Australia Board Member and Director of MB Prefab Framing in Geelong. Beyond his impactful professional role, Clive was a cornerstone of the FTMA Board, driving the establishment of the National Association and serving as a director throughout his tenure.

His passing in 2016 left a void not easily filled, prompting the creation of the Clive Martella Service to Industry Award in his honour. This award is our way of continuing Clive’s legacy, recognizing those who echo his unfaltering commitment, authenticity, and inherent passion for the frame and truss industry. In this way, we uplift and perpetuate the values Clive championed, safeguarding his enduring impact on our industry.

The Clive Martella Service to Industry Award stands as a testament to Clive’s enduring legacy, honouring those who emulate his dedication, sincerity, and unwavering commitment to the advancement of the frame and truss industry. This esteemed award recognises individuals who, like Clive, have tirelessly driven innovation and growth in our industry, while always being there to lend a helping hand to others. Its recipients are those who have demonstrated exceptional honesty, hard work, and a desire to see the industry flourish.

Should you know someone who embodies these attributes, we invite you to help us continue Clive’s legacy by nominating them for this award. Please submit a detailed account of the nominee’s contributions to the industry, along with any supporting documents or testimonials that demonstrate their dedication and service. As there are no specific criteria for the award, we encourage you to highlight how your nominee has gone above and beyond to support the frame and truss industry. Alongside your nomination, please include your contact information for any follow-up queries as well as some references.

By recognizing the extraordinary efforts of individuals within our industry, we continue to uplift the values Clive stood for and further the collective progress of our industry. We appreciate your participation and look forward to receiving your nominations.

Past winners of this prestigious award include Reg Owen, Jim Cheney and Tom Donohue.

For further information on the award please contact Kersten Gentle on 0418 226 242.

Nominations for the Clive Martella Service to Industry Award are now open.

All nominations for the Award should be sent to Kersten at and should be titled Clive Martella Service to Industry Nomination.

Jackson Kidd Wellbeing Award

Jackson Kidd, was a beautiful young man, with his whole life ahead of him. A cherished son, partner, brother, grandson – loved by many people. As most of you know, heartbreakingly, Jackson died by suicide in 2022. His loved ones endured tremendous pain and anguish as they had to confront something that nobody ever wants to confront. At 25, Jackson’s life was cut short, just as he was making his mark on the world.

Death by suicide is substantial in Australia. In 2022, when Jackson passed away, a total of 3,249 people died by suicide that whole year. That averages to 9 people per day.

Understandably, everyone that knew Jackson, had a million questions and thoughts, and for months afterwards – even to this day – would be re-thinking over the last time they saw him – how was he, what did he say, how was he behaving, did I miss something? As everyone tried to make sense of something you can’t make sense of, one question burned bigger than all the others… what could’ve helped prevent this?

We never know what’s going on in someone’s life. Every single person goes through hard times, loss, trauma, financial struggles, relationship breakups, mental illness. We know that many people, live in isolation with their struggles. For too long, there has been an attitude of getting on with things, not reaching out if we’re in pain, and not asking other people if they’re ok. Research tells us that being connected does reduce mental illness and contribute to saving lives.

We spend countless hours of our lives at work, and workplaces have a duty to provide an environment of care. The Jackson Kidd Wellbeing Award is about recognising what our wonderful frame and truss fabricators are doing to support all their staff and themselves, in providing a workplace that encourages and implements connection, positive relationships, and most importantly, prioritising wellbeing.

You don’t have to invest a million dollars into staff wellbeing to make a difference in peoples’ lives. This award is about recognising a consistent practice in supporting staff to feel valued, and cared about, with whatever life throws at them. We want to recognise, and truly acknowledge businesses that make this a priority.

We understand though that while sometimes tragedy can still strike, we all have a role to play in supporting each other the best we can, and trying to reduce mental illness rates, and ultimately suicide, in our community. We want to present this award, whilst honouring a tremendous young man from our industry.

To nominate a fabricator, please see the Nomination Criteria & Guidelines

FTMA Community Award

The FTMA Community Award is a newly introduced award and aims to highlight and celebrate the vital role that businesses play within their local communities. As a leading industry body, we believe it is paramount to encourage, motivate, and reward our members who go above and beyond in their community engagements. Through their active involvement, these businesses foster a sense of unity, drive societal progression and bring about tangible, lasting change on a local level – advantages that extend far beyond the profits of their operations.

The significance of businesses immersing themselves in their communities cannot be overstated. Businesses that dedicate time and resources toward community involvement are not only building stronger relationships with customers but are also contributing to the overall quality of life within these communities. They often become catalysts for community development, stimulating local economies, supporting educational initiatives, and promoting social well-being.

Recognising these efforts with the FTMA Community Award echoes our commitment to societal progress, ethical business practices, and the fostering of a supportive and inclusive industry culture.

To nominate a fabricator, please see the FTMA Community Award Criteria & Guidelines

FTMA Employee Recognition of Service Award

Introducing the FTMA Employee Recognition of Service Awards, a prestigious celebration of commitment and dedication within our sector. This initiative recognises those loyal employees who have offered over a decade of their skills and expertise to the same employer.

Awards will be presented to individuals who have served for 10, 15, 20, or even 25+ years, marking their extraordinary devotion at the 2024 National Conference.

FTMA Members are invited to help us identify these outstanding individuals by simply completing a form, listing the dedicated employees who have been part of their team for over a decade.

Join us in honouring these pillars of our industry and help us make sure their dedication does not go unnoticed. Those who can’t attend the conference will still be acknowledged and have their awards sent to them. Together, let’s celebrate longevity and loyalty in our industry!

Nominate employees for the FTMA Employee Recognition of Service Award

FTMA Australia 2024 National Conference

March 18 & 19 2024

Geelong Arts Centre,
Geelong Victoria