For the 2024 FTMA National Conference, we are looking outside the triangle.

Feeling inspired by the conference venue (Geelong Arts Centre) and keeping with the conference theme; instead of the traditional trade exhibition space, we are hosting an art exhibit, where our partners and conference sponsors will provide a piece of art that represents their business.

This is not about their products, but rather looking outside the triangle and what their business represents in general.

“Businesses can benefit from the arts and, most certainly, the arts can benefit from business. Some of the forms this common ground takes are the need for creativity, engaging and audience, developing and designing great products, and developing an atmosphere of wonder and risk taking.”
Neil McKenzie, Author of the Artist’s Business and Marketing Toolbox.

Coming Together

FTMA will feature our own commissioned piece of art in the Conference Art Exhibit. Our art piece was created by local Wadawurrung Artist, Chloe Chatterton (Karringala Art), and is titled ‘Coming Together’.

‘Coming Together’ is a piece that captures the essence of the FTMA and the work they do nationwide in supporting those that provide timber frames and trusses throughout Australia. FTMA brings people from all walks of life together to create a supportive network. Its focus is on establishing a culture that nurtures the creation of meaningful connection, allowing FTMA to build a stronger industry. This piece showcases the power of collaboration in fostering professional growth, which is instrumental to success.

Central to this piece is a prominent Meeting Place, signifying the FTMA National Conference. Next to this Meeting Place, we see two smaller Meeting Places symbolising FTMA members from every state and territory coming together. Around these Meeting Places are symbols representing people, which is a strong focus of the FTMA.


We are delighted that most of our Annual Partners will be showcasing their business through art at the FTMA 2024 National Conference Art Exhibit.

FTMA Australia would like to thank our sponsors for their support and encourage the industry to support those who support your industry and jobs.





If you are interested in being involved in the 2024 FTMA National Conference, please view the Conference Sponsor Prospectus here.

* Please note that conference sponsorship is only available to service bodies, not industry suppliers

FTMA Australia 2024 National Conference

March 18 & 19 2024

Geelong Arts Centre,
Geelong Victoria