2024 National Conference

March 18th & 19th

Geelong, Victoria

Red Activities Day

The conference kicks off on Monday 18th March with the Red Activities Day,
where delegates spend the day networking over fun activities.

Conference for Fabricators

Be at the only national conference in Australia specifically targeting the
timber frame and truss industry with a particular focus on the fabricators.


In addition to the Clive Martella Service to Industry Awards,
the FTMA National Conference Dinner will include other industry awards.

Art Exhibit

Instead of a traditional trade exhibit, FTMA partners and sponsors will be
showcasing their business through art at the FTMA Conference Art Exhibit.

Looking Outside the Triangle: 2024 National Conference

Our upcoming 2024 National Conference aims to broaden the horizons of our members by looking ‘outside the triangle’. Traditionally, our focus has been primarily on the frames and trusses provided by our member businesses. However, we believe that these businesses are more intricate and diverse, hence the need to explore beyond the triangle. At this conference, we will delve into internal factors such as business value and external elements like new IR laws, along with a comprehensive view of the wider industry. It’s time to embrace a holistic approach to our businesses, beyond our usual scope, setting the stage for continued success and growth.

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, it’s crucial for businesses to adapt and evolve. By understanding the various factors at play outside the triangle, we can better position our businesses for success. This includes identifying opportunities for growth and areas of improvement, as well as staying updated on external developments that may impact our operations.

At the conference, we will have expert speakers who will share insights and strategies on how to navigate these external factors and leverage them for the benefit of our businesses.

Join us at the 2024 National Conference as we look outside the triangle and discover new ways to elevate our businesses. Together, we can embrace change, adapt to challenges, and thrive in an ever-evolving industry. Let’s broaden our perspectives and set ourselves up for success in the years to come. See you there!

Visit Victoria. Every Bit Different

FTMA is able to bring our National Conference to Geelong thanks to the Melbourne Convention Bureau and Business Events Victoria.

FTMA Australia 2024 National Conference

March 18 & 19 2024

Geelong Arts Centre,
Geelong Victoria